Calculating Amount of Diesel a 7FA Burns


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How much diesel does a 7FA gas turbine burn per MW?
And is there some type of formula to calculate this?

If you're an owner or operator, the Control Specification document provided with the Speedtronic turbine control system usually lists 'Expected Fuel Characteristics' in Sect. 05.nn.nn, which usually contains expected fuel flow-rates for various operating conditions (Firing; FSNL; 25% Load; 50% Load; 100% Load). This is usually provided in the Operations and Service Manuals provided with the unit when it's new.

Alternatively, there should be Performance Curves provided with the Operations and Service Manuals for all fuels which should also list expected fuel flow-rates, if for no other load that rated (Base Load).

I also believe that GE has provided some operating data in some of their more recent publications for the various machines they build. Lately, they've publishing this kind of information GERs, and increasingly they are appearing on the World Wide Web, even available for free from various GE websites (which is something of a change). So, a search for 7FA information (operating conditions; performance guarantees; expected heat rates; etc.) should produce some GE publications which might provide general data.

Hope this helps!