CAN bus architecture for self propelled wheel chairs


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ajay prabhu

i am making a self propelled wheel chair. for this i am using a single dc motor to provide the drive and a stepper motor( connected to the
front wheels) to provide the it alright to use a CAN bus architecture for it.

i propose to utilise a Controller Area Network(CAN) Bus architecture for providing various features like speed control, anti rollback
system,regenerative braking.

Curt Wuollet

If it's good enough for Mercedes, it ought to be good enough for your wheelchair. Finding the components you need might be tough, I suspect most of the stuff is custom. DeviceNet is based on CAN and it does work, at least for a limited number of nodes.


I agree with Heinz and the others: reliable, embedded control networking is what CAN was developed for. CANOpen is fine, or you can
do a more minimalistic protocol if necessary.
8 and 16 bit Micros with built-in CAN
controllers are plentiful and fairly cheap
(depending on what country you are in).

Have fun !
-Mike F