capacitor capable to withstand 135 degrees Celcius


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Angelito Lu


I would like to seek your help through giving me information about capacitor products that capable to withstand 160 degrees celcius and never change
its performance. We used capacitor as a filter capacitor for low voltage such as 5v to 12v. Any info will be of great help. Thanks and more power.

Angel Lu
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Clark Southoff

Other contacts for high temperature capacitors:
Sprague or their new name; 137D series

Wet slug tantalum capacitors have been used successfully to >200 C, but there is a derating in voltage and life span that can not be ignored.
Thus a 50 VDC rated cap. would be sufficient for 12 V.

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Johan Bengtsson

If it is a smaller capacitor you want then a cheramical capacitor made by using the class 1 material NP0 (or C0G) would be the best choice it have a linear temp koeff of between -30 and +30 ppm/degrees celsius. I think these would handle the necesary temperature but I am NOT 100% sure

If it is a higher capacitance then some kind of dry Al type would be suitable. They should manage -55 to +175 degrees celsius, some types -80 to +200 degrees celsius. (I have no info of changes in capacitance).

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/Johan Bengtsson

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