Sourcing Metallised Foil Capacitor


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Does anyone know of a Capacitor supplier who manufactures a 1200mFD Metallised-Foil Capacitor? I DO NOT want an electrolytic type. I accept that this is extremely large for this capacitance so it may be that I have to drop back to 2 x 600mFD or even 3 x 400mFD. Your information will be gratefully received.


Metallised-Foil Capacitors are simply not manufactured in such large sizes....unless the 'm' was a mistake. You will find them in values up to a few uF.

Also, you should state what working voltage you require.
Check with your local or online electronics distributors. I found a 1200 uF Aluminum - Polymer Capacitor listed by; but the voltage ratings are 2.5 - 10 V.

DigiKey had 1 listing for a Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) 1200 uF thin film capacitor 230 VAC for $189. each.

Good luck