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Rick Jafrate

On Tuesday Jack suggested that we should begin preparing a centralized requirements document. Since, so far there have been no volunteers and
since I think that Jack's suggestion is a good idea (also necessary) I would be willing to make the attempt.

The only negative here is that I will be attending the Linux Expo. in Paris next week and will be back to work the following week. I won't be able to do much while I'm in France.

What do you all think?


Jack Gallagher wrote:
> It would be nice to have one centralized document that has all of the
> decisions that may have been made up to this point. Or at least one
> person's view of the decisions to start the conversation. From here we can
> identify what requirements are implied by these decisions. That way we
> don't lose anything. Am I way off?

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If you make a start before you leave and put it in the CVS (or send it to me and I'll do it), we can all play with it while you're away :)

I'm willing to take e-mail submissions while you're away and generally act as a temporary maintainer.

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Rick Jafrate


Here is a first pass at the getting down the topics which are currently under discussion or perhaps should be. I will try to add some details
to some of the topics between now and tomorrow evening. Topics may be added or deleted as required as the project progresses.

Linux PLC Requirements

Section 1 General
1.1 Execution Environment
1.2 Stored Runtime Data

Section 2 Shared Memory
2.1 Allocation
2.2 Access
2.3 Name Assignment
2.4 Coherency
2.5 Protection
2.5.1 Read
2.5.2 Write (forcing)
2.5.3 None
2.6 Initialization
2.7 Persistence
2.8 Data Types
2.9 Type Conversion

Section 3 RLD Logic Engine
3.1 N.O..
3.2 N.C.
3.3 Coil
3.4 Not Coil (inverting)
3.5 Execution Context
3.5.1 Real Time
3.5.2 User Space
3.5.3 Periodic
3.5.4 Event
3.6 Timers
3.6.1 Time Delay (wait to set a bit)
3.6.2 Event Timer (trigger event)
3.6.3 Absolute Time (time of day)

Section 4 I/O Drivers
4.1 Scaling (inverting)
4.2 Type Conversions
4.3 Execution Context
4.3.1 Periodic
4.3.2 Event

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