Changing Colours for Experion PKS 430 Web Object Model Using a Script


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Does anyone know the Syntax to change the colour of a particular Animation State (Discrete Breakpoint) in Experion HMI Web Displays.

Developing Web Displays based on the ASM Standard using a Grey Colour Scheme but have a wish to change all or some of my discrete breakpoints from Dark Grey to Green from a check box.

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If you link the check box to a point in the controller, you can use the discrete breakpoint colour animation based on this point value.
Hi William,

The answer is "style sheets". I don't know if you are using HMIWeb Solution Pack or no. but if you are, you might be familiar with css files. Adding one line for any style sheet , or creating and showing in main one, can help you. By editing style sheet with notepad and refreshing your page will change your objects look very quickly.And it effects all objects that you choose.

Here is the style attribute for a rectangle:<pre>
hw-animation-breakpointX-color /*Breakpoint animation colors (from 0 to 8).*/</pre>
As this is very first reply of mine, I do not know how to attach some sample png files, but will try to send via e-mail.

Hope that helps