Changing MARK V Processor


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I work in FAT floor in GE. I want to change Mark V R to C processor as there is compatibility issue with PROM's and available C & R cores. When I try to do it from LCC it i showing an error bad ID. Could you please help me in changing the R to C voter ID?


Do they (GE) not point you to the Mark V documentation? That would be the Mark V Maintenance Manual, GEH-5980, and GEH-6195, the Mark V Application Manual?

You will find procedures for changing the DCC/SDCC cards in the Maintenance Manual.

BUT, as has been covered many times before on, the easy way to swap DCC/SDCC cards is to swap the EEPROM chip from the card being replaced to the "new" card. It has all the required information, including the Voter ID (HINT, HINT, HINT; when you put a new DCC/SDCC card in a processor you have to use the LCC/SLCC keypad to set the Voter ID, and if it's a new DCC/SDCC card in <C> you have to set the Stage Link ID).

However, if you put the existing EEPROM chip (the U9 chip) from the card being removed to the card being installed (along with the the other PROMsets), you don't have to do ANYTHING, because it's all on the EEPROM chip (including all the EEPROM Downloaded info, the Voter ID, and the Stage Link ID (if applicable).

But, please review the Maintenance Manual for future reference. Every GE technician should have a paper copy of their own with notes and high-lighted- and tabbed pages.