Communication between Telemecanique to ControlLogix PLC


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I am trying to establish the communication between Telemecanique PLC to AB ControlLogix PLC. I have few Telemecanique PLCs on Modbus TCP/IP network. I want data to and from these PLCs into ControlLogix PLC. My ControlLogix PLC is on the different EtherNet network than the existing Modbus TCP/IP.

Please suggest me a best possible method. Currently I am reading on using the cATM module by oldi.

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Darrin Hansen

Our ETH-1000 Ethernet gateway can simultaneously act as (among other protocols) a Modbus TCP client and server, as well as EtherNet/IP client and server. So moving data between these two PLCs is not a problem. Pricing is currently US$525.00 @ qty. 1:

We even have an application note that discusses how to move data in & out of a ControlLogix: with the ICC ETH-1000 Ethernet Gateway.pdf

Darrin Hansen
ICC, Inc.