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jorge diaz

We need information about manufacturer of densitometer based in conductance for copper slurries. thanks and regards
Hi there,

Please clarify what you are looking for, since there is a big difference between a densitometer and a density meter. Your wording "based in conductance for copper slurries" does not make any sense. I can only assume you are looking for a density meter to measure the slurry in some copper mine. I cannot see that you would want to use a densitometer on a slurry since it is mainly used to measure the transparency of a material.

If not and I misunderstand, please rewrite your question with a bit more effort this time.

If you are looking for a normal density meter to measure the copper slurry, here is a good one you can look at. Just specify the inner lining material to the supplier yourself or tell them where you want to use it and they will recommend a lining material for your application.
I must sympathize with Sam's comment regarding a distinction between densitometer and density meter.

There is always a nicety about the way we would like to use terminology in our own parts of the industry that other parts of the industry do not respect.

In the world of vibrating element density meters the term densitometer is commonly used interchangeably with density meter referring to a device used to determine the mass per unit volume. e.g. as illustrated on websites such as and

I assume the reason for seeking a conductance type measurement is an informed one? That is to say, having considered the property you wish to measure, you have looked at how various other properties vary in order to identify the most appropriate indirect measurement?

For example, if you are looking for %concentration of the slurry you know that as concentration varies so do many other properties some of which may be readily measured with varying degrees of accuracy etc.