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Matthew White

I am looking for help on how to configure a moore APACS DCS system. I have been given the project as my final year project for my Inst And Control Degree. Can any one who has any helpful advice contact me.
The company (now owned by Siemens) does training classes all over the world. Simply sign up for one!

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Do students get a discount or will they have to pay $1,250 + expenses to get to the nearest training city? Somebody in their last year of a degree program isn't likely to fork out half their tuition for a three day course.


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Josh Dalzell

If you have the software on hand, look into the electronic help that comes with it. I had a pretty hefty project (a few thousand points) dropped in my lap once, and I'd never even seen an APACS system, and the customer didn't bother to order any of the documentation. I learned all of it with the software's help system. It is, by far, the best that I have ever seen. It took me a couple of tries to get everything correct, but it's about as helpful as most training, and it is definitely cheaper.