Problem with the configuration module Prosoft MVI56E-MNET Modbus TCP/IP

Hello everyone, I hope that all are good.
Someone have backgroud about module Prosoft MVI56E-MNET Modbus TCP/IP?
I have a question, I want to connect a module Prosoft MVI56E-MNET Modbus TCP/IP to my PLC and I did all configuration in my PLC:1701110335079.png
And then, I was rconfigured the module EMNET in the sofware Untitlend of prosoft.
In this software I did the first configuration and I have conneted the ethernet from the slave (my PLC is a master and I want to connet a slave):1701111027305.png
Then I select Diagnostics, because I want to the IP adress:1701111224237.png

when I select Browse Device, don`t appear nothing but I have connected the Ethernet cable:
and I select this but I don`t fine the module
So, someone know what could be my mistake or what step I need to do?
I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.