Connecting PC to MicroMaster 440 via USS protocol


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Nguyen Quang

I've bought a Siemens MM440 for closed-loop control of pumping system. I can easily config the Inverter (all PID parameters) to make the system working fine (without PC).

However, when I tried to connect to the Inverter from PC (using the RS232 cable, supplied from the dealer), and used USS protocol, I've had no reply.

I did use the DriverMonitor software (provided by Siemens) to control the Inverter and it can see all Inverter's parameters using the same RS232 cable. Having monitored all messages in and out from PC to Inverter, I know that, they used the same USS protocol as described in the Inverter manual.

I did try to setup the Comport with all of possible option( i.e baud rate, parity, xon/xoff ...) but it has no success.

Pls give me some advice or sampling code for my case.

Thanks in advance.