Connecting PLC with ControlLogix using ControlNet


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Rafael Becerra

How to share data between an PLC5 and a ControlLogix using ControlNet (scheduling connections with RSNetworx) Please, somebody knows how to accomplish it??? I now I have to declare a produced tag and a consumed tag in ControlLogix, and next make some configuration using the Scanlist Configuration Tool in RSNetworx, but I dont have the entire procedure....
Rafael, There is an application note in the RSNetworx for ControlNet Help file that explains in detail the procedure for using the Scanlist Configuration Tool to connect a produced or consumed tag from a ControlLogix controller to a PLC-5C15. Go into the Help Index, then scroll or search for the "Scanlist Configuration Tool Application Notes". The fifth one is on scheduling peer-to-peer connections between a ControlLogix and a PLC-5. The three things that generally confuse novices are that (1) the ControlLogix uses 32-bit data types, so the "number of elements" is off by a factor of two when communicating with the PLC-5, (2) there is an element of extra overhead in a message produced by a PLC-5 that gives the run/program state of the controller, and (3) that the byte order is different between the two controllers and must be fixed in the Logix with a User Defined Data structure. The application note goes through all of this, in detail. It can be confusing if you've not worked with ControlNet before, as phrases like "remote instance" and "Produced Connection ID" end up meaning the same thing. It's a good way to get to know the nomenclature of Logix too. Good luck, Ken Roach A-B Seattle