Connecting to a Profibus DP Network over Ethernet


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Dear Sirs,

I have a problem to be be solved if possible:

I have a remote station in which there is a Profibus DP network of some instruments: Pressure transmitters, flow transmitter, motorized valves, etc. This network connect to a Siemens S7-1500 PLC, located also in the same remote station. PLC is connected to a Ethernet network: connected to a industrial ethernet switch, as same as other ethernet devices: HMI, UPS, radios, etc, all of them at the same station.

There are several similar stations, each one with its own PLC, switches and radios, all of them connected in a major ethernet network. All ethernet devices has the same segment.

Now I'm connected to this network in ethernet using a maintenance PC and has a maintenance software for one of the Profibus equipment. This software connect to the Profibus DP equipment normally using a Profibus USB interface ( In other words, it should be used locally at each station.

My question is if it is possible to connect to remote Profibus DP equipment, with the software described, using the Ethernet network from the remote maintenance PC?

Does it exist some kind of driver, gateway or routing software to connect the remote Profibus DP network using the ethernet IP address of the PLC the Profibus network is connected to?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Best regards,
Luis A. Cristobal V.

Gabriele Corrieri


what is the maintenance software?

Some (very little range )software accept routing protocols over other protocols, or other medium.

All of simatic software accept routing (e.g. drives on profibus accessed by ethernet by routing on cpu). Other devices that I know accept routing are lenze drives (at least 8400 and 9400 as I remember well)

If you link here your software someone could give you info about routing.

Generally I think that if your software could switch access interface to your ethernet port you could access your device by routing, otherwise you could (more expensive) place in every location an ethernet to usb adapter, so you have in every location one or more usb ports extended from your pc (I use Netshare NH204 from Welland but sometimes get crazy with antivirus, friend that use digicom similar adapter have same problem) and more you have to place in every location an usb to profibus adapter, is very expensive but you could save some time to move from location to other one for maintenance)

Other way, could be use a S7Lan or NetLink adapter, one for location, but I think that the expense is similar to other solution.