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What things do I need to control the drawing motion of a Pen Plotter? For example, how many motors does it take, what kinds of motors do I use, anything related with the motors, so that I can make it up for some software programming.

Cameron Anderson

You will need a minimal of 2-Axis, XY. You will need position control so I would suggest either stepper or servo motors. It sounds like you want to write the software and have the pc control the motion. I have seen people send out a pulse train (Step & Direction) from the parallel port to control motion. Take a look at some of the following companies for products:

For XY Axis Actuators:
1. Bishop-Wisecarver
2. IDC - Industrial Devices Corp
3. Tol-o-matic
4. Warner Linear
5. Parker Daedal

For Stepper:
1. Superior Electric
2. Pacific Scientific (Pac-Sci)
3. Oriental Motors
4. GE Fanuc
5. Gecko Drives
6. Intelligent Motion Systems - IMS

For Servo:
1. Emerson Control Techniques
2. GE Fanuc
3. Baldor
4. IDC (Impulse Servo)
5. Not Allen-Bradley :-D
6. AMC
7. Simple Servo

There are many more companies I could list, but that will get you started.

Cameron Anderson
Advanced Products Specialist - Motion Control
Power/mation - St. Paul, MN

Kumar Krishna

Dear Sir/Madam
I want to whether what is being talked about here relates to the movement of the physical paper backwards and forwards on the roller. If so I want to know whether the techniques and companies listed her can give me any clues to doing that for printers? Can you also tell me for what printers this will work.

I look forward to your reply.