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We have Allen Bradley Control Logix 1756-L61B controllers with RSLogix5000 v16.03.00 (CPR9) software installed on NG Compressors at a remote site. We are monitoring the operational parameters of the compressors over a Wireless Ethernet Bridge of 25Mbps on Factory Talk View Studio 5.00.00 (CPR9) HMI.

We are often faced with loss of communication resulting in disappearing of the HMI tags values (runtime) on the HMI. Following error messages occur during such a situation:

CIP connection (3) open rejected (Error 2040101) on route ControlLogix in slot 0 of the chasis at
Driver Ethernet lost communications to error on send
CIP connection (3) open rejected (Error 2040101) on route ControlLogix in slot 0 of the chasis via cip://Ethernet:

Please help us in troubleshooting this communication loss problem which hinders our parameters monitoring.
I have seen similar errors on a micro-net I use in my shop. After eliminating obvious candidates, I discovered the data handling errors came from inside my PC in the way it talks to the communications hub. In fact, not just upgrading but actually replacing my PC fixed my problem.

Another consideration is to audit the hardware in your net. Believe it or not, some installers DO take shortcuts in massive wiring tasks even today, so I'd begin looking for noise (which I realize is no easy trick at these frequencies).

Good Luck
You could run another HMI app that uses a different driver alongside the existing one to see if you get the same behavior.

If same, it's probably something with the physical/wireless/connection and you can troubleshoot accordingly.

If not, possibly something with configuration or recovery of existing driver under adverse conditions.

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Try to Ping the switches you are using and make sure that the communication is on the switch.
At the PV+ software Factory Talk you can configure the communication settings. Click it and then configure the OPC topics in Design Mode and try to run it in design mode. Make sure to give the correct path to the PLC from where you are getting your data from. If it runs then copy the network created in design mode to the runtime mode.

Create a runtime file and then while downloading the runtime file to the system you check the box saying replace communication.

If you are downloading to the SD card then download there and then to PV+. Load the program and check it runs or not. If not then at the PV Terminal check for the network communication RSLinx path, if the old path is there then you will still get the fault. If the path which you already created in software is there that means it is good to go.
Hope it clears out something.