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Francis Therrien

I would like to set my DDE server to com 3 or 4 of my computer but the only choices available are COM1 or COM2. Do you know how I could set com3 or 4.

Thanks a lot

You can use a port redirector program. I forget how it works but by placing a null modem connection between com 1 and 2 you can access higher com ports.


Alan Rimmington

I am using CX-Server on my laptop, and it brings up all the com ports that are on my system (eg 3) so I can only suggest that com port 3 is not available to the system, check in Control Panel and make sure all your ports appear. PS I have just tested my desktop PC with only 2 ports and CX showed the 2 ports - added a USB to RS232 convertor and CX showed all 3 ports (USB as com4), so it must be your setup causing problem.

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