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Leonard Hamilton

The Sandisk white paper on flash memory endurance indicates that data logging on flash memory may not be possible. Here is the task:

1) Log 20 tags every 250 msec.

2)Do the logging on a local HMI panel. 3)Do it with a CE machine because the good ones are generally cheaper than a good Industrial PC Panel.

Can I control the physical area of flash memory being written by manipulating file names and length? My research indicates that total memory is not an issue for a week of data.

Michael R. Batchelor

While data logging to flash is theoretically possible, it's not a good idea except in special circumstances. Flash memory has a limited number of write cycles compared to other persistent
storage. Ergo, while you can probably get it to work, after a while your device will fail. For a battery operated device that's not in a permanent installation (like some of the Fluke data-loggers) it's a wonderful solution to track down a problem. But for anything that's going to get used over and over I'd look for another solution.

(Now, with all that said, there is a possibility that flash devices will become so dirt cheap in the next technology cycle because of consumer devices that it may not matter that you're
replacing it often.)

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I'm using Sandisk Compact Flash RAM cards in a rather large project involving the Rugid Computer PLC ( and it works great.
I don't have your speed requirements, but in the end, I have rather large ASCII files (>10 meg)that are easily manipulated inside most windows

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