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Mauricio Orellana

I need your help to finish a white paper that I'm writing about DCS.
Anyone knows how much could cost a DCS (Hardware not commissioning) for about 6000 point of distributed I/O.
And about 300 HMI.
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Mauricio Orellana

10,000 tags licence with 5000 Inputs and outputs , five hundred Transmitters costs us one million and Six hundred thousand US Dollars. The project is supplied by ABB Automation , Sydney . This cost includes Right from The Engineering to the Commissioning of the project.


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Kevin Totherow


Your question is far too general to get a good cost estimate. There is even general disagreement and confusion over what a DCS is anymore with all of the "hybrid" systems available today.

An ugly estimate for traditional DCS controllers would be about $175/point. A 10,000 point console would be about $100,000. These are estimates based on several jobs that I have done in the past. I wouldn't publish these numbers without better specification/qualification of
the systems.

I hope this helps.

Kevin Totherow
Sylution Consulting
In response to all of this I know that the new ABB Industrial IT is far more cost competitive than even PLC systems. I am not sure on exact
costs because it is totaly scalable and it is amazing we had a demo at the plant and I am impressed. Cost for a typical PLC system is $95
per I/O and $50 per point and you have to double a claculations because Operator station and controller have to configured by themselves.
Industrial IT is a common data base system it cuts engineering costs down by an estimnted 65%.

So are you looking at just hardware or the cost of a control system.

Bob Peterson

"$95 a point for PLC I/O"

Right now you can get AB digital I/O for < $15 a point for digital I/O and < $75 a point for analog I/O. Big users can get better deals. Other venders cost less than AB.

"engineering costs reduced by 65%"

compared to what? rslogix and rsview also use common tag data bases. this really is not a major deal as all of the scada packages have ways to import tag data bases, and the little bit of time saved is really not that big of a deal.

"$50 per point"

are you referring to an HMI/scada point? $1-$2 a point is more realistic.

even if you include engineering time in the equation its nowhere near the numbers you quoted.

sound like you have been listening to a sales pitch.

Shah, Dharmesh


It sounds interesting to me. I would be interested in such DCS white paper, if you can forward me the same. Also, ABB Industrial IT solution looks very impressive with moderate cost. Can we share some more information on the

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