devicenet - explicit messaging "how to"


Alan Whitfield

Hi, I am also working on this at the moment, to control a Lenze inverter drive via a Devicenet interface from SLC5/03. There is an example code in a Lenze manual for the SLC.

Go to website
Select english by clicking on the flag.
Go to downloads
You will need to do a login by registering a name and password - it's quite easy.
Select operating instructions.
Select electronic drives.
Select AIF (Automation Interface)
Select 2175

This is the manual for a devicent interface module.
Section 14 contains an example program.
It left me with as many questions as it did answers,but it is a starting point.
You need to have an understanding of the structure of the CAN telegram format.There is some information about this in section 6.1 of this manual. Contactme at [email protected] if i can be of any further help.
I attempted to do this once. It was horribly painful. Because the DeviceNet scanner on the SLC uses M files to move explicit message data back and forth with the processor, you are flat out unable to do explicit messaging with any device that requires a full size "packet". This is because you cannot build a full packet in the M-file because of the required overhaed data that the DN module needs. As long as whatever you are trying to talk to can accept small packets, you are OK.

Check this archived article, along with the linked articles in that message for more info.


Hope this helps!

--Joe Jansen