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Tom Ellingboe

I am working on a project utilizing a SLC-5/05 with a 1747-SDN DeviceNet scanner. Do I need to purchase A-B's RSNetWorx software and a 1784-PCD PCMCIA communication card to setup my network or are there alternatives available from other suppliers? Any help would be appreciated.
I myself am just getting involved with this same scenario. To start with You do need the RSNetworx software, you also need to get the EDS(Electrical Data Sheet) information for the equipment that you are connecting to the network. An Excellent site that would be helpful is This is where I have started to gather my information from. I wish I could help more but like I said, I just started this project like youself. If you gather any other info please let me know, and I will do the same.

Vijay Singh, Rockwell Automation India

To Configure a device net network one defenately needs RSNetworx software for Devicenet Configuration along with RSLINX. To configure a devicenet network one can either use 1784-PCD communication card or 1770-KFD (a RS232 To Devicenet Converter) available from Allen Bradley. once network is configured ie. Perameter setting for devices are done and I/O addresses are included in Scanlist of 1747-SDN, Network is ready to be controlled by SLC or PLC. Any further clearificatons needed, please feel free to contact.
THanks for posting here. I am having trouble getting my 1770-kfd to work and scan right with the 1771-sdn scanner card that I have installed on a plc 5 at school with the skits package number 3 for Devicenet. Everytime I scan my network thru RsLinx I get different modules detected. I have ohm'd all my connection points on the flat cable and my network connection blocks. I am not sure about having to use a 9V power supply with the 1770-kfd converter either since a power supply did not come with it. I am a bit short on the starter manuals that came with the kit for trouble shooting this system and need to find more information especially working with Windows 2000 operating system.

Thanks Jim May
P.S. I am also to install a device net kit to a Slc 500/04 also

Trevor Ousey

The kfd box doesn't need the 9v supply for normal use, it will use the 24v on the network. Check that there is not a conflict with using the same node numbers. Do this by only having one device plugged in at a time, with the 24v and kfd connected.