Dial-up Connection to SLC 5/05 via Ethernet


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Matt Haught

Has anyone ever run RSLogix on a remote PC through a dial-up connection to a local PC (without RSLogix) connected to a SLC 5/05 over Ethernet?

Anthony Kerstens

No, but I've suffered something similar on ProworxPlus through Reachout. If it's part of a software backup plan, then fine.

If you plan to do remote programming, don't. You should be there in front of the machine, or at least on the phone telling someone intelligent what to do.

There's _nothing_ more annoying when you're trying to troubleshoot a system than some knob from head office dialing in unannounced and forcing bits. :-(

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
I have done dial-up from a PC to a modem connected to the PLC, as well as using something like PC-Anywhere to run the programming software that was on the local PC. Sounds like you are trying to use the local PC to act only as a port to do "pass-through" Perhaps you could set up RAS to allow this.

Dave Ferguson

I have a Shiva Lanrover dial in to our plant ethernet and then on to the PLC's in the mill. Security is dual and dial back.

Dave Ferguson
Blandin Paper Company
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