10 turn potentiometer with counting dial for 22 mm hole?

I am trying to find a potentiometer with the following specifications:

  1. 10 turn
  2. Has a "counting dial" that indicates how many full rotations it has been turned
  3. Mounts in a 22 mm diameter hole
  4. Range 100 ohm to 100k ohm
  5. Screw terminals rather than solder terminals

The closest I have found to what I would like is the following part from Schneider Electric ...


.. This Schneider Part can be mounted in a 22 mm hole and it has screw terminals, but it does not appear to be 10 turn and Schneider does not offer a counting dial. The counting dial I am envisioning would look something like this...


... If anyone here can suggest a manufacturer that might have something like what I have described, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,
Hi Oneye14 and Bertus,

Thank you for your replies. My original thought was that the machines my company builds usually have several three button or four button enclosures in which we mount 22 mm pushbuttons and selector switches. Occasionally (but far less often) when the application requires it, we mount a potentiometer in one of these enclosures. As these machines get older and our customers request upgrades or modifications, I sometimes find myself having to remove a potentiometer from a location and replacing it with a pushbutton or selector switch, or vice versa. I just thought (if it existed), a potentiometer that mounts in a 22 mm diameter hole and had screw terminals would make it very easy for me to do this in the field.

I don't always require a 10 turn precision potentiometer (sometimes single turn is fine), so in many cases I can use the Schneider part I included the link for in my original post. In the application that prompted my question, I would like 10 turns and a counting dial. Now that you have made it clear that I'm unlikely to find this with screw terminals, it's not that big of a deal. I have no problem soldering and I can make a smaller hole.

I appreciate your help - thanks again!

Best regards,