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I am trying to find dissolved oxygen meter that is reliable and lasts in gold leach process.

Slurry density is about 1.5 and particle sizes of ore between 70 and 300 micron. We need the measurement to control cyanidation aeration. Our available measurement points are all subject to aggressive slurry agitation.

The installed units have diaphragms (thick) and in some positions only last a couple of weeks - if so much.

Any suggestions?

Rainnel Maclang

Try an extractive type sampling system. Take continuous sample of the slurry, run it through separator/filter to remove the most of the particles then measure the Dissolved Oxygen of the resulting cleaned sample. Your sensor will last much longer.
There is a new type of disolved O2 sensor available based on the transmission of light.

google HACH LDO

I haven't tried one yet but they look promising however the range is quite limited.