Downloading VPRO Software to MARK 6


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PLS, to download the configuration only to the new replaced VPRO Y, by right click on MARK VI I/O SLOT 1: VPRO which include all the X, Y, Z VPRO. my question is, is there a way to download the config just to this replaced VPRO? because it seem that we will download the configuration to all three VPRO. is it correct or no?

Many thanks in advance.

if you are replacing a VPRO core you will proceed as you described by right clicking and selecting download. By default, the download configuration, is selected. If you are installing a new core you will want to select firmware, as well as the configuration. Once you select firmware it will "grey out" your choice for configuration. Once you select ok you will be prompted to select which core you wish to download firmware to. You can select only the core you replaced. Once firmware has been downloaded the core will reboot. Once the core reboots toolbox will then download the configuration to ALL cores. This is fine and is normal. Even if you are not downloading firmware but only trying to download the configuration, toolbox will download config to all cores. There is no way I know of to download configuration to a single VPRO core. Downloading config to all cores should never hurt anything, as all cores need to have the same config.

I hope this helps answer your question.