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Gunnar H

I am using a Wonderware (Intouch) SCADA system and trying to communicate with an OPC server, for EIB, from F.Schlaps&Partner GmbH. The problem is that the Communication link between the two freezes whenever something is done in Wonderware, but seems to be ok until then. Is there anybody out there that has used these two products with any success. I have used the software from F.Schlaps&Partner GmbH with success on a Genesis system so I know it works, at least in some cases.

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Gunnar H

Nick Santucci

Firstly, determine what OPC DA Specification your OPC Server adheres to. As it stands right now, there exists OPC DA Rev 1, 2, and 3. If your OPC Server is using the OPC DA Rev 3 Specification and your OPC Client (Wonderware Intouch) does not support the OPC DA Rev 3 Specification then you may run into problems.

For troubleshooting, you can download the free OPC Client from http://www.opcfoundation.org and see if it can access your OPC Server without any problems. If it freezes then you have a OPC Server problem most likely, if it doesn't then you should contact Wonderwares Tech Support.

Nick Santucci