Emerson ControlWave Micro serial microwave radio


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I am attempting to do the impossible I guess. I have a Controlwave Micro that i am trying to bring back to our plant. I need to put this on our radio telemetry. I have to bring this to another site via microwave prior to putting it on radio. I am attempting to come out of this micro 9600 serial into a Sena LS100. Out of the LS100 ether to the microwave. Out of the microwave at the other end into another LS100. Out of this LS100 serial to our radio. Across town to another radio. serial from radio to Redundant Micro data concentrator. hooking this up with just micro, 2 LS100 and a laptop I cannot keep communications without having multiple timeouts. It should all be acting as one big long serial cable.

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Curt Wuollet

Is the Microwave link failing? These can be temperamental over any considerable distance, I used a set to go across a major highway from building to building, line of sight, perhaps 3/8 of a mile. One building was a block building, the other was a steel frame building. Snow, heavy rain, wind, all affected the link. Distance requires highly directional antennae which require precise alignment. The steel frame building was not stable enough and the mount was being rotated slightly. Finally an upright that was isolated (relatively) from the building was used for mounting Better, but heavy rain or snow still would drop the link.

Moral of the story: Microwave over any distance at permissible power levels may or may not be reliable. For successful use, it should be used with protocols that can recover from link loss. In a city setting, or an industrial park, with all sorts of reflecting surfaces, there are some places that simply won't work reliably. And regardless of what the vendors say, _any_ radio link should be considered unreliable until proven otherwise. That includes the current crop of wireless in plant devices as well. If your application can deal with this, great. If not, you will regret the choice. And of course, no life safety or plant safety should depend on them. Some of the uses they are being put to are really bad ideas.