Energy transfer equations


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Rushi Shroff

Hi All.
In our CMI X-Ray spectromter, we have motion control of a plate which moves horizontally by the application of stepper motor.
The question is what are the energy transfer equations for executing this task (movement of a plate)? If we consider F=W/d, so what we get is Required energy to move the plate for a unit distance.But unit here is Force so how can I link it with Torque charactristics of a stepper motor ?

Same kind of energy transfer phenomina is when a battery of V volt is connected with Resistence of R ohms.So as a end result, current flows.That way we determine the energy requirements of the resistence to allow one ampere current to flow.

Considering the same kind of energy transfer cryteria here, how can we link torque charactristics with required energy for the palte to move unit distance ? Or simply loading capacity of a stepper motor ...How to determine it ??
Hey there,

I'm pretty sure all you have to do is divide the torque that your motor puts out by the distance between either a) diameters or b) linkages.

Torque is in N*m (Newton meters) for metric systems. To find our how much force in Newtons, divide N*m by the distance in meters m.