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George Robertson

Anyone got any bright ideas on how to make an excel spreadsheet that can only be run from a particular PC? I want the user to have full
functionality, but not be able to easily copy it to another machine and run it from there.

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Only one I can think of is to enable macros, use the VBeditor to look up machine name or look for the presence of a file.. and if not found the END
You can look up registry keys from VB editor also..


Leo La Placa

You can use Excel Visual Basic and write a function to read the PC name on the registry (I do not remember the calls right now, I just wanted to submit the idea that I used a few years ago). That does not cover you 100% but should work with a 'not-so-skilled' customer. To read the cpu s/n ... that would be the ultimate way but I do not have a clue on how to do it!

Johan Bengtsson

Jo just have to realize that this possibly make it harder to copy it, it will not actually prevent copying the file really It would really just require the one to copy it to answer
"No don't activate the macros" when the document is opened.
If VBA is needed for full fuctionality the code could be modified to exclude the test efter that.

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