Experience with NI's FieldPoint distrubuted I/O?


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Patrick Allen

This is the first case we've had where the PC solution really seems to be the most practical. The modules available in this line (FP-PWM-520 etc.) seem to have everything we require in once neat little package. The stuff isn't cheap. But neither is the PCL/custom controller solution either.

I'm curious if other people have had experience with these systems, and would care to share them. We've been using LabView in data aquisition systems for some time now, and we're curious as to how well it can handle control.

I'm looking for impressions on things such as; What PC to choose. Our IS dept. seems to have thing for Compaq for some reason. But the OEM 98SE they come with is just brutal. Is there something specific perhaps we should be looking for in a PC to be used in this application? Is 98SE the best windows platform, or would a better bet be 2000?

I'm also curious if anyone has used LabView in a *nix enviroment. Our newest version is supposedly compatable. But I don't know of anyone that runs it on a platform other than windows.

One more question: LabView? Or LabWindows?

Patrick Allen
The Fieldpoint modules are a good bet, especially if you're already using LabView. They ship with LabView drivers and an OPC server, so if you did want to get away from LabView it wouldn't be too much of a shock. You also avoid the expensive interface required for DeviceNet/ControlNet/etc. networks.

Advantech's ADAM modules are lower cost, but not as well known. Same kind of deal - they also ship with LabView drivers.

Dump 98, go 2000. You won't regret it.