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Am working a water batching process control solution which will have a batch counter (E+H RA33), Control Valve, and E+H Flowmeter (Picomag). Such that whenever there is need for water, we would just punch the required quantity of water in the batch counter (E+H RA33). The valve opens and after the required quantity has been dispensed the water stops flowing.

Please I need help in getting the right valve that would work with this E+H flowmeter, E+H Batch counter, and how to loop everything together to achieve my aim.

Your technical input and support will be tremendously appreciated.

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Anticipating your swift response

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Phemmy Tofunmi
There are thousands of valves out there in the market. It all depends on your piping and various details of the work.

they all work, but you have to coordinate the details.