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Patrick Levinson

Anybody out there knows where to find online manuals for ABB's Freelance 2000 DCS?

Regards, Pat Levinson

Patrick Levinson

Sorry, you're right, I did try it but missed the word "manual" and got only sales-type brochures and examples. Please disregard original post.
Yes I do. We are a systems integrator for ABB and we have done numerous projects with Freelance 2000 and its replacement IndusrialIT. I have some manuals in the *.pdf format.

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Kirill Rudenko

Yes, have a documentation (pdf) for Freelance 2000 and Control Builder. But you can't find there 'Getting started', demo project or etc.

It's very difficult to undestand when you haven't got 'step by step' instruction. It'll be better if ABB has manuals the similar to Siemens.