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Hello and thank you so much for organizing this group. I am currently looking forward to gain a new C&I knowledge regarding on FEED.

This engineering survey knowledge, commonly applied on oil and gas field... specifically on the Control and Instrument team - like how to control valve, fire alarm, control philosophy, P&ID setup and etc..

If anybody got any link for me n others who interested.. May you got a good return in your fortune for your kindly support. Thank you so much in advance. I am really new on this topic

Sajid Ali Khan

Dear mhafizan,

I am wondering what else have you excluded from your knowledge targets. Include DCS, ESD and Advanced Controls as well.

Dear Knowledge Seeker, knowledge, experience, competency, wisdom are not tangible things that could be served on a dinner plate.

All the aims are quite genuine, but the methodology and pace you are looking for is not practical. No web URL can make a newbie into an expert.

The best way is to join Instrumentation Courses, work with Seniors, get their guidance, gradually gain experience and in parallel persistent study of Academic Material.

Sajid Ali Khan
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