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Just for your info - here are the performance times of a few commercial Ethernet PLC from another list.

- Lynn

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From: Andy Piereder <[email protected]>

I recently did some testing with the GE9070 and 9030 which might give GE
PLCs the undesirable distinction of being the slowest Ethernet
implementation. Our tests showed about 75 ms for the 9070 and over 130 ms
for the 9030.
Date: 23 Jan 2000 04:42:30 -0000
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Subject: Has any body used AB's CIP Ethernet found on Control Logix. How
fast is it?

A PLC5 can send/receive a packet about every 9-11 ms. The PLC5 is the
fastest PLC Ethernet that I have found so far.
A SLC505 can send/receive a packet about every 28-30 ms

The packet sizes where about 48-80 words in length.

Modicon's Modbus/TCP for Quantum 18-20 ms
S7-315 and CP-343 ISO on TCP. 16-20 ms.
SoftPLC 5 ms. This result may have been ( probably was ) limited by the
other device.
TI505 70 ms.

Please share your experiences. Especially with the Control Logix.


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