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Paul Fritze

I was wondering if you ever found a solution on how to hook up an ISA card to a PCI slot, I need a fix here at my work and would appreciate any information you could provide me.


Adam wrote:
> What would it take to build a digital or analog I/O interface PCI card?
> Maybe something like the "Servo-to-Go" card ( but for PCI.
> I used to know some basics about the ISA bus but PCI is a bit out of my
> league and ISA is disappearing quickly.

I don't know that developing a PCI to ISA adapter would be any easier than developing your own PCI I/O board. I am assuming that this is what the end goal is; use an existing I/O card (isa) in a PCI slot.
I, personally, have not seen a commerically availible PCI to ISA adapter; but, I have not looked very hard for it either. I have developed several PCI interface cards (automation network interface cards) and can give you a basic idea of where to start in your own development.
A company named PLX has a line of PCI bridge ASICs that are designed to ease the conversion of an existing ISA card to PCI. I.E., PCI on one side of the bridge and an ISA compatible mode on the device side of the bridge. Use this chip and then stick on an ISA connector...viola :) Probably some more details to work out the fact that you probably won't be able to use this adapter in a PC with the case cover on....

Hope that helps...
Jim Stewart
Celerox Digital Solutions
[email protected]
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