Getting Modicon momentum Ethernet Adress for use in Concept software


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I want to use the different (already allocated) ethernet addresses in the ethernet scanners on several Modicon momentum plcs within concept software to activate different routines depending on address and, hence, be able to to have one identical program in all of the plcs. In Rockwell a GSV instruction could get the address for the ENET card for use in software. is there an equivalent instruction in schneider concept? The instruction would get the address on first scan and routines would function differently for the PLCs despite them having an identical program.

vance newman

What are you trying to do? Download different programs from concept to different PLCs based on Ethernet address? I'm confused? Each PLC must have a unique program.
Thanks. OK, I have 3 schneider momentum PLC's. Each does exactly the same job with an identical machine. Therefore each could have the same program downloaded to it. Yes each time you download you would have to use the different ethernet scanner address to talk to the right one. The difficulty arises with the fact that each PLC also has to talk to the customers PLC. Each one has to write a certain block of words of info to a gateway (An Anybus ModbusTCP 2 AB ControlNet).

This is where each program in the momentum is forced to be different, because each has to write to a different area of the gateway. if I had three gateways, fine, but they cost a grand or more each so I don't. SO, the idea would be to have each momentum use an instruction to go and find out from the scanner, the last three digits of its address (which changes obviously for each unit), set a variable using code on first scan which allows it to write to its correct area of the anybus memory. The easy way of doing this (with three PLC's) is to use 2 digital inputs on each and have them set different for the three PLC's and do the same as above on first scan. sadly i'm out of inputs completely.