Graphic interface for Modbus TCP


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I am making a graphic interface for Modbus TCP but the initialization of Winsock fails since I added dialogue boxes. Is there libraries to add in addition to ws2_32.lib? OR there other thing? Thank you to answer me because I am completely lost.

Sorry for my bad english but i'm french.

Milos Cermak

This is security. Socket in java-applet must be connect to server(codebase java appl), not other IP.
Server is quantum or momentum IP
Standard not realy connect to if java applet codebase is other locations as

sorry of my English
milos cermak

Sanjay Patel

Dear Vanessa

I have prepared application at Reliance, Textile. Which can continuously collecting data from modbus compatible 360 devices and send the same to server using winsock control. I have prepared the application in visual basic. If you are working in VB. Please mail me I will send you a source code.


Sanjay Patel
([email protected])