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Hi all,
Can anyone suggest me how to develop a GUI or graphical library based OS using embedded 'C' in ARM7 TDMI based mcu NXP LPC2468?

Wouldn't it not make more sense to have a remote GUI ?

You could run a webserver on the ARM system and inplement the GUI as web pages.

You could also use our
if you need a more interactive and responsive GUI than is possible with web pages.

curt wuollet

Can you use Android or Angstrom? Both have ARM7 ports and if nothing else, can show you exactly how to do an OS with GUI on ARM7 in C or C++.

It makes the wisdom of rolling your own somewhat debatable as there are many free, Open, and popular choices with many times the developer hours that any one entity can muster.

Most people doing work on ARM are using Linux, in which case you just use the GUI toolkit which came with the OS - Gtk+, Qt, etc. In many cases you can develop the program on your PC, test and debug it, and then cross-compile and download it.

This is a very active area due to the large numbers of smart phones which use Linux. Use Google to find some Debian ARM, Ubuntu ARM, and Android developer forums and IRC channels. Whatever your question is, I sure someone has done it before in one of those areas.