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Hi everyone.

this is my first question in this website. I'm student and I'm working on my final year project. I know that there is a smart level transmitter (differential pressure) from Yokogawa and that the smart transmitter got CPU in it that can do many functions such as diagnosis, etc.

my question: is there a manufacturer that provide smart guided wave radar level transmitter that got CPU in it?

sorry if there are grammar or spelling mistakes since English isn't my mother language.

It's unlikely that there are any radar transmitters that do not have a CPU (microcontroller). Processing radar signal information essentially requires computation.

Incidentally, "smart" is sometimes used to refer to a device's ability to communicate with a digital protocol such as HART, Profibus, etc.

Most, if not all, of the radar transmitters currently on the market will have capability to communicate via various digital protocols, and self-diagnostic features.
Thanks for that. sorry for late reply. I asked that question because I have seen guided radar level transmitter Endress+ hauser connected to triconex ESD system. In this case, can the transmitter be diagnosed remotely from central room? And As I remember, the triconex system was consisting from input card, processor, output card, interface cards but there was nothing like "FSK" module that's used with digital signal. So can ESD triconex system deal with digital signal - 4-20 mA+ digital signal?

Sorry for many question I'm little bit confused.

I don't know much about Triconex systems, but I imagine that they may utilize only the loop current, for example, reacting to out-of-range loop current values (e.g. less than 3.8 mA, or greater than 21 mA).

Transmitters such as E+H's can output a low (less than 3.8 mA) or high (greater than 21 mA) value if they self-detect a hardware failure or environment issue that makes measurement invalid.

Such transmitters can also be communicated with, for example using HART to obtain detailed operational information. HART communication (using FSK) is often available using the same two wires used for the current loop signaling.

The Triconex system may not make use of this ability of the transmitter, but many control systems can use such communication protocols. Or a separate diagnostic tool may be used when necessary to communicate with the transmitters, from the control room or other location where the wiring can be accessed.
thank you chris for the nice information you provided me with and your participation.

I still need someone who is familiar with Triconex ESD system to answer me questions:

does Triconex ESD system able to deal with HART protocol smart transmitters and does diagnose for the smart transmitter remotely from Central room?

or it only use conventional 4-20 mA? and is it important to use hart protocol in ESD system since the ultimate purpose of the system is for safety either human safety or equipment safety?