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Does anyone know of any good software to use with hand helds with Microsft CE OS, for recording operator rounds for a small power plant?

Some of the software packages require access to the internet. I'm looking for software that can be placed on a PC (server) and the handheld (clients) can have data entry during operator rounds. Server would have dbase in which excel sheets and or trends could be made.

I'm looking at about 300 points rounds taken every hour.

Michael Griffin

I can't recommend any specific software for your application, but you may be putting the cart before the horse. You need to find the software first, and then ask the supplier what hardware it needs to run on. They sometimes supply the software and hardware together as part of a package. I've even heard of systems using customised Nokia phones with bar code readers as input devices.

Hand held computers tend to be incompatible with each other even if they nominally run the same OS. One reason is that they use different processors (ARM, MIPS, etc.). Another is that if you are using Microsoft Windows CE (as you specified), there are many incompatible sub-versions of it as each vendor adapts it to their hardware differently. If you buy the hardware first and then look for the software, there is a good chance the software you need won't run on the hardware you bought. This is not like buying software for a desktop PC.

Another alternative you might look at is wireless terminals. You would set up a wireless network in your plant, and then these terminals allow the operator to enter data directly into the server from anywhere in the plant. This might give you a lot more flexibility in the software you use at the server as well as offering other advantages.