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Mike Adkins

Dear List,
I am trying to track down the hardware and software to get online with an installed Klockner Moeller PS3-DC PLC. This is a shoebox type unit
with 16 discrete inputs, 16 discrete outputs, 4 analog inputs and 1 analog output. I believe it has (2) RS-485 ports talking SUCONET (that's
a guess). I wish to gain the means to get online with this PLC to document the program so that I can more easily trouble shoot the system,
additionally I may wish to slightly tweak the code to meet my particular needs. Any information that would help me accomplish this would be
greatly appreciated.

Mike Adkins
Electro Mechanical Systems, Inc.
The Moeller PS3 is a "strange beast" in that you must have the uncompiled version of the plc code on your hard drive before you can go online to monitor the status of the I/O etc as well as making modifications.

You will also need a converter to change the PC RS232 to RS 485.

Moeller used to have an adaptor for this.

Best of luck


Jerry Shallow

Hi Mike.... We have all you need to program and monitor the ps3 plc in stock. Call me at 1-630-595-9515 ...

Jerry Shallow