Hart Device interface to PC


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Sandeep Shroff

Hi, I am developing a software which could talk to Hart Devices. For Physical layer conversion, I am looking for gadget which could be directly interfaced with the PC serial port & the Hart device. Does anybody have any idea about such a gadget. Also if I could use MTL4842 model for this purpose. If yes then whether it can handle the multipoint mode or burst mode of the Hart Protocol ? Regards, Sandeep Shroff
To support the HART physical layer on a PC Comm port you need a HART modem with an RS-232 interface. There are numerous ones on the market, but I can only vouch for ones that I have used, which are: MACTek Viator (info and on-line purchase at http://www.mactekcorp.com/) and SMAR HI311. The best source for HART communications info is the HART Communications Foundation (HCF). Their web site is at http://www.hartcomm.org. Good luck.