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Darin Jett

We are in the process of working toward ISO9000 certification. Most of our devices that require calibration are monitored via PLC and displayed on HMI (RSView). My question is, where do we place the calibration stickers? I've suggested a calibration board mounted on the wall behind the monitor with the devices listed and the stickers next to the names. Someone else suggested on the monitor itself, but if the monitor needs to be replaced on the weekend, they're lost. What do you use?
I am not sure if ISO has a standard for where they are to be placed, I know where I work we put them on the device that was calibrated, whatever you do, be sure to keep good records and make sure they are able to be located easily.

Randy Ransom

Hello Darin, In the plants I have worked in we did a combination of a calibration sticker on the field device and calibration card which is kept in a file in the maintenance office. Regards, Randy Ransom
Place the sticker on the calibrated device itself and maintain a calibration data sheet of the readings for your future use and proof to an auditor.

Michael Griffin

I agree that the monitor is probably the worst thing to attach the stickers to. Aside from the scenario you mentioned, what if you have several monitors on different machines, and someone moves them around, or what if a monitor comes back from being repaired and is installed on a different machine? You will have calibration stickers re-appearing when and where you least expect them. If someone reads the sticker date but not the gauge (or instrument) number on the sticker, great confusion will result. We attach them to some fixed part of the machine near the operator interface (which is also attached to the machine). Your calibration board suggestion sounds like a good idea. I don't know what your machines look like, but if you can attach this board to a convenient and visible part of the actual machine, that would be even better in ensuring the two don't get separated. ********************** Michael Griffin London, Ont. Canada [email protected] **********************
You are not calibrating the Monitor. If I am the auditor I would ask you to put the sticker on the PLC - If you are calibrating all the I/O cards at once then it is still better.
The MMI monitor has nothing to do with the calibration part as it is the analog card which needs to be checked for calibration. The calibration requirements for ISO needs that we calibrate the raw counts of the PLC analog input card, hence we have to put the stickers on the analog card itself. Please assign a tag number to the card and a sub number to the channel and calibrate all the channels at one time. If there are any totalising calculations done in the PLC and displayed on the monitor then we need to check it and the sticker has to be provided on or near the monitor. Regards
I was told the calibration sticker should be placed in plain view. A dial indicator should have the sticker on the left side opposite the bezel tighting screw. Micrometers should be stickered on the turn knob or the base.
Instruments that are flat pannel front should have the sticker on the left side in plain view.
Uniform placement is the key. Every gage should have the same type of placement of stickers.