HMI_GTK gnomepixbuf scaling problem solved...


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Juan Carlos Orozco

Problem description: The scaling property of the gnomepixbuf was lost when a project in glade was saved. This was a headache when one used glade and
HMI_GTK using images to develop an HMI like the interfaces of the oven_gtk demo because each time one saved a change on the interface, all the scaled properties of the gnomepixbuf widgets were lost.

Solution: using glade 0.6.2 tarball in the file /glade/gnome/gnomepixmap.c line 105

if (data->action == GB_SHOWING)


if (scaled || data->action == GB_SHOWING)

and compile using the usual ( It requires gtkdevel and gnome-devel packages).
make install

If this change is made, it will also be good to erase the comment on line 37, 38 because now we are saving the scaled property.

I already sent this information to the Glade-Devel mailing list.

Juan Carlos Orozco

ACElab Industrial Automation
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