how to program a Power Supply with Twincat 3 and EL6002 (Serial Communication)

Hello community,

firstly thank you if i get some replies, i´m student and actually doing my thesis. I have some programing knowledge but from c++ and i started watching some tutorials for Twincat 3.

Now i still learning but for my thesis i got the task to program a power supply with Beckhoff components and twinCAT 3 via RS232 (serial communication) but after 2 weeks without results i decided to ask here.

we have in the lab a Beckhoff CX5020 and an external RS232 port the EL6002 also from Beckhoff and the power supply it is an Aim TTi QPX600DP.
My Tasks are:

  1. communication between the power supply via RS232 through the EL6002 to TwinCAT
  2. set voltage and current of the power supply from Twincat.

I´ve read the manual and that device should be programmable with the RS232 interface, it only receives ASCII-coded data. Unfortunately i can´t until now find any example for this.

In the beckhoff webpage i´ve found an example of how establish the serial communication, i took only the part of the code i need to connect Twincat with the EL6002 but i don’t see any change or signal that tells me that twincat recognizes the device or the connection. The LED at the channel of the EL6002 it is connected to still off, so it´s clear for me that there´s no connection. I hope that someone can help me how or show me where should i research to solve my problem i would appreciate it so much, thank you again and greetings.

here the links of the manuals of the devices and the example of beckhoff im using.