HP-IB interface for PLC and DCS


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Is there any PLC / DCS system available in the market that supports HP-IB/GP-IB interface ? I need to communicate with some HP-IB compatible
devices from the PLC/DCS in my application. Most of the standard PLCs from GE Fanuc, Allen bradley etc. do not seem to support HP-IB.

Could you suggest me any PLC/DCS that supports HP-IB / GP-IB interface ? Is there any alternate solution for this ?

Frank Mitchell

National Instruments might know of a way. I would like to know myself if you find out. "Softwire Tech". in new england area is affiliated with a company that competes with "National Instruments" I am not sure of the name maybe "Computer Boards" If all else fails you could put a PC between the PLC and the Lab Instrument or GPIB Device and run a VB6 program that translates RS232 to GPIB. I have used VB6 to communicate with laboratory instruments using GPIB and Nat. Instr's GPIB comm library. It is pretty straight forward. I have also used the inherent MSComm control in VB6 to communicate out the RS232 port - so a translation program is feasable if time is not a critical factor.

Herman Chrisstoffer

Some years ago I've used a converter box from National Instruments from GPIB to Ethernet and driver software to communicate to a GPIB network. We made a special driver for our SCADA software (FAST/TOOLS) to communicate via this converter box to devices on the GPIB network. You could checkout the National Instruments website if they still supply this converter box.

Herman Chrisstoffer

Try contacting the Yokagawa Keonics Ltd. Tokyo. I think their Centium CS and CS-3000 will be able to communicate.