Humidity Sensor 96RH-1 in G.E. 7FA Gas Turbine with Mark V Control


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Hello all:

I am trying to find physical location of the specific humidity sensor/transmitter for a G.E. 7FA gas turbine, I have been looking at the instruments diagrams but I have not found it yet.

The only piece of information I have found so far is in the TC2Krept file, which is:

GCP 5390 96RHTBB004 <R> TBQB 049 VDC4QH 96RH-1 CMHUM HUMID Specific humidity
GCP 5391 96RHTBB005 <R> TBQB 050 VDC4QL 96RH-1 CMHUM HUMID Specific humidity.

I would appreciate if someone can help me find this device.

Thank you.
It should be on the "back" of the vertical inlet duct, just above the Turbine Compartment roof.

Or, it could be on either side of the vertical inlet duct just above the slanted portion that narrows down to the bellmohuth (the axial compressor inlet).

Or it could be on the vertical inlet duct just above the Generstor Coupling Compartment

Or, it could be on either side of the horizontal inlet duct just above the generator.

It's usually behind a small "cube"-like box which is bolted to the outside of the inlet duct, and there will be a piece of conduit running into the bottom of the cube.

Hope this helps. Please let us know where you found it!!!


Thanks a lot for the information, sensor is located above the gas turbine roof, @ left hand side if you are looking from the turbine to the generator. And indeed, it is hidden inside a metallic box with no tags/labels on it.

Just in case someone else needs to know, this sensor is connected to a dewmaster series DM200 analizer (protimeter brand) located on the right hand side of the Mark V panel in the PEECC module, which sends the humidity measurement to Mark's V, R core through TBQB's 49 and 50 pins.

Once again, thank you for your help.

Best Regards.

P.S. I think, as a suggestion, that it would be great if we could upload pics in the posts, it would make things clearer.