i have trouble with applicom server 3.7


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help anybody...

i'm using an applicom pcu200eth interface card to connect to siemens TI 505, and i'm using the applicom opc server v3.7. however, there are some items that cannot be displayed when i connect to opc client.

I have run diagnostic tests and readwait i entered WX1983 in the address syntax as this is the address in the plc, then i press read... i can see the correct values i entered with the TI 505 programmer since i forced some values to it. However, when i run opc client, add items i would select WX*, WX*.*, WY, then add... a message "cannot add all items" and only WY will be displayed.


Please read the applicom´s TI505 driver manual, Applicom have some restrictions for addresses or have to be written in another way to suit the
driver, probaby your problem is the sintax.