Identify what protocol this Honeywell UDC330B is talking over and how do I talk to it?

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SOLUTION: I went back onsite yesterday to send commands directly from a terminal to the UDC. Basically my 2 problems, besides not having proper hardware, were the 7 bits of data and the CR LF format not being correct. The hardware I was testing on allowed me to select a ComState besides None but didn't actually have any hardware inside the device. My test setup was never going to work!

I could not get Hyperterminal to work in any conditions.

I was able to to send commands in YAT (Yet Another Terminal). I have attached screenshots of the settings I used.

The exact text is: 02,0204,04,18,118,<CR><LF>

02,0204,04,18,118,\r\n also worked when sending text.

Nothing worked with Send file. YAT has a setting to automatically send CR LF though which did let that feature work.

The I/O settings had to be 9600 baud, 7 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. All other settings were default.

My new problem is identifying hardware that can take ControlLogix strings and send the ASCII out over the network but that is another forum post for later.


If you're looking for a device to convert between ControlLogix (Ethernet/IP protocol) and this ASCII protocol, take a look at ICC's ETH-1000 gateway. Its Generic Serial driver supports nearly any ASCII protocol and would have no problem with this protocol used by the Honeywell equipment. Details on the ETH-1000 are here:

Alternatively, if you're looking to convert the ASCII protocol to Modbus RTU, you could instead use ICC's Mirius gateway

If you need assistance setting up the communications, you can submit a support ticket and ICC can provide a configuration project for your application to help get you started.