IEC 61850 Communication with MODBUS TCP


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For our Solar IPP, we have SMA Make Invertor which has in-built combox where all datas gets accumulated and stored applicable to PV Plant. It supports communication protocol as mentioned below (Found from their website)

1. Communication via Ethernet, directly via optical fiber cable as an option
2. Open Modbus TCP data protocol.

Could somebody advise me how to transmit all those thousands PV Signals to Substation SCMS substation, from where further I have to send the signals of HV Substation and PV together to Transmission Substation ?

HV Substation and Transmission Substation only supports IEC 61850-101/104 communication Protocols.

Patrick Lansdorf

Hi there,

It sounds as if you may need a gateway (converter) for Modbus TCP and IEC61850, such as the SG gateway.

However, you write "all those thousands PV Signals" and that sounds like problems, as most gateways that I know of have a limitation to the number of points..

So, if you decide to go for a gateway, you will need to "select" what is important data, as all data will be difficult to send...

My 2 cents

Patrick L
You can use Wago CPU - 750-880-xxx-001 for telecontrol applications. With a corresponding configurators for Modbus (TCP or RTU) and IEC60870-5 (for 101/104) you can transfer data.

Ivan Popov
Hello Subrat,

You can consider using Kalkitech SYNC gateway for your project, more details here

Depending on number of datapoints that you wish to transmit, you can opt for either SYNC 2000 [Supports up to 5000 data points for Modbus to IEC60870-5-101/104 conversion] or SYNC 3000 [Supports up to 100000 (Model dependent) data points for Modbus to IEC60870-5-101/104 conversion].

We can connect by email, if you need further information about our products and solutions

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